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Updating technomate on linux

eg Netmask This is generally set at Type Default setting for Local Area Network (LAN) Nameserver & Gateway If you are using a router to connect to the internet, enter its IP address in both of these boxes.

If you are not using a routerand the ‘Type’ is set to LAN,then normally these boxes can be disregarded.

Connecting the TM-9100 to your LAN Depending on how you are going to connect to your TM-9100, you will need either a Crossover or straight Ethernet cable.

* if you are connecting straight to the TM from your PC, you will need a crossover Ethernet cable * if you are connected to the TM through a router to your PC, you will need a straight Ethernet cable 2.

Simply, a whole new level of fun and convenience is possible with PRISMCUBE.

PRISMCUBE is an ideal solution for home theaters, meeting a wide range of your entertainment choices.

Communication setup on your TM-9100 The next step is to ensure your TM is correctly setup to use the connection to your router or PC.

The 3D GUI of PRISMCUBE will bring more fresh and captivating look-and-feel.

in this example Thats what you need to do in the game... You need to move it over to the corresponding challenges map in the dedicated server directory : c:\program files\trackmania original\gamedata\tracks\challenges (with all it's subdirs and maps) has to be moved to c:\tmdedicatedserver\gamedata\tracks\challenges (with all it's subdirs and maps) 8.

now open the map where you have your in, press ALT, while dragging the file to your desktop with the mouse 9.

All these files are included in the package but the mentioned files are the skeleton selection of files that have to be available in order to run the server. the file will now be located in c:\program files\trackmania original\gamedata\tracks\matchsettings (for trackmania original) and c:\program files\tmsunrise\gamedata\tracks\matchsettings (for trackmania sunrise) or trackmania nations c:\program files\trackmania nations eswc\gamedata\tracks\matchsettings the file basicly contains all the server's advanced settings and map settings you selected.

(You can disregard/delete everything else in the server package unless you are going to experiment with application building, ) - Note: everything included in this totorial applies to both trackmania legacy server and TMU server except for the following changes: - for TMU is now stored in c:\yourserver\Game Data\Config. If you want to immediately have your custom maps ready for the server, launch your game, (client, not the server) (in this example: trackmania original but it will be similar in other trackmania games) go to internet, create server, 5. click OK (right below) and start choosing the maps you want to have in your server: The thing is that when you selected all your maps you can save it into a txt (xml) file. save it as a txt file to your liking (you dont have to add the .txt) just save it as you want without the extention. NOTE: If you have a dedicated server directory of it's own: move the maps and directories over starting from the challenges folder.

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