Richard gutierrez dating

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Richard gutierrez dating

Aia helps Oslec get home and is guilty that she killed Oslec.

Oslec goes back to Aia's house saying he got lonely and had no one to talk to.

Gutierrez, meanwhile, shared a close-up photo featuring a clearer view of the diamond ring he gave to Lahbati.

MANILA (UPDATED) -- Four years after giving birth to her first born, Sarah Lahbati is ready for another commitment.The couple have been together for several years, revealing their relationship in 2012. At the premiere, Richard shared that he proposed to Sarah in Switzerland.Footage of the proposal will be shown on the second episode of their show.Aia and Oslec visit Osclec's body in the hospital and promise each other once Oslec wakes up they will do everything they did together when Oslec was a ghost.It's been epic working with these great actors.

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Genuine people that made it a fun working experience and also made me push myself and further enhance my craft.