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Dr Robyn Pickering is hard at work on UCT's new dating laboratory, due to be launched on 22 October.

“Natalie’s relationship with Jeff is very complex,” Schneider describes. “Once you put feelings like that about somebody out there in the open, you can’t turn them off,” Gehlfuss notes.

The creation of the app was originally inspired when one of her best friends asked her for some advice on how to meet women.

After working with a tech company, Robyn finally decided to bite the bullet and create HER, which is now operating in over 20 countries in the world.

By the time Dr Robyn Pickering had finished school she'd toured Sterkfontein Caves and read all palaeoanthropologist Richard Leakey's books.

Coupling her interests in geology and palaeoanthropology, Pickering qualified as an isotope geochemist and has dated some noteworthy fossil finds: at Malapa, a significant South African hominid site, and a million-year-old fossil monkey from the Caribbean that vanished 3 000 ago.

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I know I say this about all of the guests, but what I love most about the first Monday Mocha series is the diversity of guests.

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