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In very hot, humid weather you might feel the air is heavier because moving around seems to take more energy than on dry days.Sticky days probably feel “heavier” because heat and high humidity slows the evaporation of perspiration, your body grows hotter and this saps your strength.In the event of a tornado warning, VSUPD will activate the Rave Alert System to include the emergency sirens to notify the community to shelter in place.Below are several tips to help us through the storm.During the storm you are advised to stay in class and indoors until the hazardous conditions are lifted. The VSU Emergency Operations Center has been activated and will monitor the situation.Updates will be provided through local media, VSU social media pages, Rave Alert, and the Rave Guardian safety app.

About 140,000 people will come down with colon or rectal cancers this year, according to the American Cancer Society, and about 50,000 people will die from those diseases. Well there's a lot of fear, both of what they might learn and the preparation itself, according to this 2011 survey, and squeamishness about the procedure, which involves insertion of a thin, flexible instrument that allows a doctor to look at the inner lining of your large intestine.It contains laxatives as well as electrolytes and various other things your doctor wants you to have.When faced with that, it's not hard to understand why a lot of people simply put the whole thing off.Yet an estimated 25 million people who should be screened don't have the procedure done. Cost used to be a big issue, but the Affordable Care Act now requires that many colonoscopies be covered without costs to the patient.[] And there's the nuts and bolts of cleaning out the colon, which generally involves skipping dinner and breakfast before the procedure, and drinking two to four liters of a viscous liquid.

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