Filipina dating gerldine

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Filipina dating gerldine

She later earned two masters degrees in Spain where she worked as a Spanish-language journalist and editor, then moving to corporate communications in the same country.

Her best friend, former Ateneo de Manila University Spanish language professor Pam Bigornia, said: “Geraldine is the best girl I’ve ever met.

Geraldine is often praised by clients for her receptive listening style which enables them to reflect and identify strengths they may be unaware they have.When she first came to Singapore in 2015 she started work for a Singaporean Chinese family working in a 3 storey landed property.She did all the housework for the house, did all the laundry and ironing as well. She has experience in infant care, taking care of her newborn son till he was 5 years old.She’s very intelligent, a girl with a big heart.” Next month when she visits the US to attend the graduation of her niece at Dartmouth College, Geraldine already has numerous invitations ranging from on TV, a speech at Asia Society and others.She granted the The Philippine Star this exclusive interview at Shangri-la Makati Hotel, here are excerpts: PHILIPPINE STAR: What are your beauty and health secrets, how come you don’t look 49 years old? I eat mostly fruits and vegetables even as a kid, not so much meat.

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With a personal passion for building resilience, she uses evidence based strategies, particularly drawing on mindfulness practice, to assist individual adults facing a range of life challenges.

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