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Here are some steps that could bring back the focus to our good old websites: 1) Social media is a great way to get “fans” and “followers” of your website.Twitter and Facebook are both websites you should establish your brand on – nearly everyone is connected to those two platforms.Another website you should look into is Stumble Upon, which is a really cool tool that brings the user to a random page.If your website gets indexed into Stumble Upon, someone will eventually “stumble” upon it and get interested.In episode three, Cersei carried out her revenge on Ellaria for killing her daughter by poisoning Ellaria’s own daughter, Tyene.But the bright highlight of the episode, because Cercei’s revenge is pretty awful, is the death of the matriarch of House Tyrell, Olenna.

You walk down the high street and huge teddy bears, with love hearts for stomachs surrounded by heart shaped balloons and “ I love you banners” , stare back at you. I get why a singleton would feel singled out with all the hysteria over the 14 I spent my time in hater rehab perusing these five tips to the point where I am now conscious of voicing hatred towards Valentine’s Day because it is (definitely) borderline bitter.Bowing to its slogan, "Change or die," North Carolina-based agency The Republik is inviting users to shoot the living crap out of its old website.Choose from a 44 Magnum, a shotgun or a sniper rifle.Some of us are giddy at the thought of Valentine’s Day, some of us scowl over the notion. At some point in our lives we have dreaded the arrival of February because it reminded us of our single status.We would enter into the second month of the year pretending to be above all things lovey – dovey, uttering phrases like, I don’t actually remember if I have ever uttered any of these words but that doesn’t mean I didn’t feel like I was missing out on something whenever valentine’s day was approaching.

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