Why are you interested dating me evanna lynch dating darren criss

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Why are you interested dating me

And, perhaps most importantly, her "boobs exhibit steady growth over time" (slide #3).

She started as an A cup in 2013 and is now at a DD.

First and foremost though, you need to decipher his texts and understand what he’s trying to get out of this modern day form of communication.

Deciding on how long to reply, what to say and “to emoji or not to emoji” are very real issues.Fenton predicts in the Powerpoint that by 2025 "each breast will be roughly the circumference of a human head (~57cm)."If her impressive boob growth isn't enough to convince you that Fenton would be a perfect girlfriend, she also has slide #4 to share how financially stable she is (she has a job and can always fall back on her "benefactors," aka her parents) and slide #5 — a list of impressive references including Channing Tatum, allegedly wrote about Fenton."[Lizzy] isn't sexy in the mechanical, aerobic way we've come to associate with 'eroticism.' Instead she expands the notion of sexual passion to include many forms of intimacy."And even though Carter didn't realize Fenton's genius, that doesn't mean her Power Point wasn't worth the time.You’ve probably heard the claim that men think about sex every seven seconds.While that frequency (more than 500 times per hour) seems extremely high, there’s no denying that guys have sex on their minds at some point during each and every day. An Ohio State University study revealed that guys think about sex 19 times per day (debunking that every-seven-seconds myth) compared to 10 times per day for women.

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The tweet has been retweeted more than 21,000 times as of writing, and we're convinced that at least a few of those people will be writing Power Points of their own.

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