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If he figured it was only things that he needed to work on, then he’d promise you that he’d try everything in his power to fix it if you wanted him to D.

O:• kyungsoo is a very intuitive person, so he would’ve seen it coming from a mile away…way you were distancing yourself from him slightly day by day • it would break his heart to confront you and have you tell him you just don’t see it working anymore, but would keep a calm demeanor and agree with you if it was for the best • he’d know there’s no cure for heartbreak once he’s tasted it, but that won’t stop him from keeping to himself and wallowing in sorrow for little while until hearing your name won’t hurt anymore • he’d probably brush off any sort of flirty interaction with anyone, bc he doesn’t think he’ll ever get over what you both had • would he try and get back together? But his realistic mind would keep him from contacting you for a while, bc he’s also thinking of your happiness and wouldn’t want to intrude if you found someone new Kai: • he honestly thought he found a partner for life in you, and it would sting a lot to hear that you didn’t feel the same anymore • unlike kyungsoo, he’d be unable to rationalize and would only listen to his heart when he felt especially lonely during certain nights, and would leave voice mails that would break your heart tbh • everyone could see that he was being distant and quiet, even more than usual, and it will be a struggle to keep his interest in anything • he’d most likely keep anything that you left behind like pictures and gifts that you’ve bought him over the years, and over time he’d smile a little when looking at an old photo of you that he’s fond of • would he try and get back together?

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Most likely not, bc like I said he isn’t someone who lingers in the past, plus he probably wouldn’t want to bother you or keep himself in your life if you were the one who broke up with him Suho:• the fact that you aren’t around anymore is gonna shake him up, so for a while he wouldn’t really feel or look like himself, and people will notice this for sure • it’s gonna feel like he lost a part of his soul, breakups just aren’t easy when he’s spent so much time with you • he’d try and get himself to feel normal again by spending lots and lots of time with the guys, but every smile and laugh and giggle will remind him of how much he misses yours • there will be lots of sleepless nights spent contemplating whether he should call you or not, and you better bet that he’s thinking about all the things he’s done wrong that could’ve let to those words that cut through him “it’s not working out anymore, Jun” • would he try and get back together?

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